Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zenni Photochromic Lenses

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Recently I was online trying to research the $20 photochromic lens option offered through Zenni Optical and had little success. Those of you not familiar with Zenni, it is an online company that offers prescription lens and frames at ridiculously low prices.  This web site is fantastic, just give them your prescription and two week's later you have new glasses in your mailbox.  If that isn't cool enough the shipping is just $4.95 on the entire order.  I'm sure by now you are thinking...O.K.! This guy must work for them or something but the truth is I am just a satisfied customer.  It's a great feeling to have glasses that I don't have to worry about loosing or breaking.
When shopping for glasses I like many people want all of the option and with the conventional way of shopping for glasses this can be VERY costly. Lens can run you between $150-$300(sometimes more)  when you consider antireflective coating, transition, etc. Well, thank goodness for the internet! I have purchased 4 pairs of glasses and one pair of tinted (80% lenses) through Zenni and had always wanted to try a photochromic lens (more commonly referred to as a transition lens).  When I saw that Zenni had a this lens technology as a $20 option I couldn't pass.
My package just arrived and boy am I happy I upgraded the lenses to the photochromic lenses! They work just as I had hoped, step into the direct sun and with in minutes (2-4minutes) they reach their full darkness. Step back inside and it take the glasses about the same time (2-4 minutes) to restore to clear.  Keep in mind these are not sunglasses, you will still want a pair a shades if you're going to be sitting at the pool or laying on the beach.  I don't know the exact tint percentage but if I had to guess I would say they go from being completely clear to about 35-50% (max tint).  Now I don't need to tote both my prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses every day! Thank you for doing it again Zenni Optical!

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  1. Photochromic Lenses these lenses provide very nice protection for eyes and save them from sun light.